No reason to do anything as long as the Bitcoin does not move.

If you look at Ripple these days, then you feel reminded of best coin-times. Within three days, the price of ripple rose from $ 0.27 to currently just under $ 0.46. One could say that this was almost a doubling of the price within a very short time, ie 100%. On the right is the Ripple with its 1-day logarithmic chart as I follow it. The pusch should probably be due to the introduction of a new software platform.

After also Ethereum had already attracted a short time, of course, the question arises, if and when the Bitcoin moves. Which in turn moves nicely in the middle of his Bear Flag sideways with a slight upward tendency. Good to see in the logarithmic 1-day chart left. There is also the rash on Wednesday, which is due to the expiration of the future contracts at the CBOE.

All three of these coins, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, I have already purchased through the eToro account CryptoswithB66, on which this blog is based on as a real account. Ethereum I had also bought more later on. At Ripple, I had a finger on the keyboard, but unfortunately not pressed on buying. With regard to the development of the last three days certainly a pity. Why did not I press? That had among other things the following reason.

In monitoring Coin Markets, I personally found out that Altcoins are moving relatively close to Bitcoin when the Coin Market and especially Bitcoin as a heavyweight in the market is weakening or even sneaking away. Then almost everyone always rushes off. Vice versa. If the market as a whole is positive, then every Altcoin develops its own life and sometimes the one and the other coin outperforms the market. As current. The market is neutral to slightly positive. And then an Ethereum or a Ripple shoots up.

Personally, I am still waiting for the trend-setting movement of Bitcoin. And he has not done that yet. And it still stands 50:50 up or down. And should it go down and even massive, then I assume that even a Ripple will give back disproportionately, as it has also gained disproportionately these days. In short. For me, the Bitcoin is crucial these days. The Bear Flag stands. He is still in the middle of it. Has been moving for $ 6,400 to $ 6,500 for days. And there is no choice other than to wait with a long-term buy as a long-term investor (and not as a trader, because they’re approaching the matter with a different motivation and purpose) in my view. In addition to the three coins mentioned, IOTA and Bitcoin Cash are also under scrutiny.

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